A new addition to the award-winning Lockhart Sculpture and Heritage Trail, which winds its way through the town, the Lockhart Shire Walk of Fame is a tribute to the remarkable accomplishments of former residents who have shaped Australia‚Äôs rich and varied heritage. 

Celebrating ordinary Australians from our district's past, the Walk of Fame honours significant individuals who achieved extraordinary feats and have contributed to the character and awareness of Lockhart Shire.

The incredible achievements of our home-grown heroes are testimony that even a small rural area can produce people with outstanding skills, and it is important to remember these amazing people for the contribution they have made.

Those honoured include pioneers, artists, sports stars, entrepreneurs and others whose endeavours have led to outstanding national and worldwide success and recognition. 

Walk of Fame Inductees:

  •  William Halliday - Pastoralist and Politician
  • Gunning Plunkett  - NSW Farmers & Settlers
  • Thomas Bond - Founder of Bond Sheep Breed
  • Flora Eldershaw - Australian Author and Critic
  • Aubrey Hodgson - Australian Rugby Union Player
  • Jack Crawford  - World Tennis Champion
  • Judy Kelly - International Film Actress
  • Ted Noffs - Humanitarian
  • Don Kendell - Kendell Airlines Founder
  • Nancy Weir - Classical Pianist
  • Peter Provan - Australian Rugby League Player
  • Bill Peach - Television Journalist

The Walk of Fame is situated in Walter Day Park, Urana Street, Lockhart and will be celebrated with an official launch on site at 11:30am on Friday, 12 October 2018 following the launch of the Lockhart Water Tower Mural in Green Street, Lockhart at 10:30am.