Where better to leave a Love Lock than in ‘Lock-Heart’! 

A love lock, sometimes known as a love padlock, is a padlock which couples lock on to a significant object to symbolize their love. After the padlock is locked, the key is thrown away to symbolize their unbreakable love.

It is thought that the romantic Love Locks custom originated in Italy… Or Serbia… Or China… Wherever this charming tradition began, over time, tens of thousands of couples and friends throughout the world have sworn their loyalty to one another in this way, using padlocks in all colours and shapes to declare their love. While other locations around the world may be taking them down, we love the idea! 

As proof of their love, visitors to Lockhart can fix padlocks to the beautiful Lockhart Love Locks, a fabulous structure on the edge of the town centre overlooking Brookong Lagoon. Their love is locked together in a symbol of eternity, and we do mean eternity. The Love Locks structure is capable of holding great weight, especially designed with the padlocks in mind, so visitors can be assured their love lock will not be removed!

To ensure everlasting love, visitors can throw the key into our wonderful Love Lock Wishing Well. Just ‘Make a Wish, Throw the Key, the Magic shall last for Eternity’.

Just a tip:  Locks can be purchased from Lockhart Building Supplies, they know the minimum sized lock needed to fit onto the structure so please ask!

Also big thanks to MWS Fabrications for the wonderful Love Locks Structure, Fenix Plasma Art for the ornamental filigree heart cutting, Littlewoods Sign for our beautiful Love Locks sign and the talented Parks and Gardens staff.  

CLICK HERE for Lockhart Love Locks.



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