Member for Murrumbidgee Adrian Piccoli has welcomed the release of the NSW Government’s six year plan to drive and further enhance New South Wales’ reputation as a supplier of safe, quality food.

NSW Minister for Primary Industries, Katrina Hodgkinson unveiled the NSW Food Safety Strategy 2015 -2021, to provide certainty and underpin confidence in the State’s food industry into the future.

"The NSW Government plan - Safe Food from Paddock to Plate, aims to ensure NSW continues to deliver superior quality food, by reducing foodborne illness whilst at the same time cutting red tape," Mr Piccoli said.

"There is no better time for our community to be encouraged to buy fresh, local produce, and for the NSW Government to focus on ensuring food safety in the State.

“With its strong food focus, from paddock to plate, this region embraces this announcement.

"Safe food is big business and this region has a reputation for supplying safe, quality food and food products, whether it be poultry products, rice, almonds, wine grapes or oranges.

“There are many opportunities for us to continue to support a thriving food sector in NSW as it moves into the future, and the NSW Food Authority is leading that charge through education, innovation and low cost regulation.

Mr Piccoli said the commitment to protecting people’s health and safety is the main focus, however ensuring a cohesive and cooperative relationship between government, public health officials and industry is also key to the food business sector’s contribution to NSW’s growth and prosperity.

Mr Piccoli said the NSW Food Authority is continuously working to identify points in the food chain where risks around food handling could be reduced.

"You can’t put a price on people’s health, however we can count the cost to the community with $375 million in medical expenses and lost productivity resulting from foodborne illness," said Mr Piccoli.

To view the NSW Food Safety Strategy 2015-2021, visit www.foodauthority.nsw.gov.au



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