You're invited to take a tour of the Glendale Citrus and Hazelnut Orchard, then relax on the bank of the Murrumbidgee River. At Glendale Citrus and Hazelnut Orchard, every season is special and there is always something to enjoy. Summer sees their Valencia crop being picked. The hazelnuts are harvested in early autumn. Sweet navel oranges are ready for market midwinter, closely followed by mandarins and lemons. Spring brings the sweet smell of orange blossom and busy bees making citrus honey, the garden full of flowers and trees bursting with new leaves. Wildlife you may encounter on your visit include koala, kangaroo, wallaby, fish and birdlife. The Murrumbidgee River is always majestic, and a stopover by the river to warm your hands at the campfire or cool off with a glass of fresh squeezed orange juice will give you great delight. Tours are by appointment only. Minimum 12 people.

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187 Dellapool Road, Sandigo NSW 2700

02 6959 8286

Narranderra Town Tours provide you with a local perspective. Bookings for the tours can be made through the Narrandera Visitor Information Centre (NVIC). It is the ideal way to be introduced to Narrandera - the NVIC team will arrange for an experienced tour guide to board your bus and entertain passengers with points of interest, local history, and anecdotes. Tours are conducted between 10am and 1.30pm Monday to Friday. Please phone the number provided for bookings.

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Narrandera Visitor Centre, Narrandera NSW 2700

02 6959 5545

Tumut Fly Fishing offers lessons, instructors and guides for all levels and all ages. Enjoy fly fishing in the Snowy Mountains! Tours are available all year round, with guides of 28 years experience. Regardless of age, physical limitations or fitness, you'll be amazed how easy and simple their fly fishing techniques are. If you've ever been amazed at how this style of fishing is done, this is your opportunity to try it. The art of fly fishing casting is the most important thing to learn - once you know how to cast, then everything else falls into place. Learn their revolutionary kinetic precision powercast, and you can cast 20 metres. Their world exclusive techniques will give you confidence to fly fish anywhere. Try it in Sydney Harbour, for Barramundi in the Top End, for Trout in the Snowy Mountains, or Wild Salmon in Canada! Singles, couples, families and larger groups welcome.

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29A Richmond Street, Tumut NSW 2720

02 6947 5790

Immerse yourself in Aboriginal culture and experience first hand how Aboriginal people used the land to survive, their traditional practices, the bush tucker they ate, bush tools they used and their spiritual beliefs from the Dreaming. The Tumut River and Kosciuszko National Park located in the Snowy Mountains Region of New South Wales was the meeting place for Aboriginal tribes including the Wiradjuri, Ngungawal and Wolgalu. They met for trade, ceremony and to follow traditional pathways used for travelling to and from the mountains to the coast. Discover why Aboriginal people's movements were governed by the landscape and the seasonal changes that affected food and shelter resources. This is a hands on experience delivered in the breathtaking landscapes of the Snowy Mountains and offers unique opportunities to see ancient landscapes, make your own bush rope, traditional jewellery, basket weaving and learn about the survival skills of Aboriginal people.

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The Old Butter Factory, Tumut NSW 2720

02 6947 7025

Located on the western slopes of the Snowy Mountains, Tumbarumba Touring Company customises small-group tours taking in the region’s vineyards for exclusive cellar door openings and wine tastings. We sample the finest food and produce from the district and along the way all the sights and atmosphere this wonderful region has to offer. Tumbarumba Touring Company can custumise tours for groups up to eleven guests for half day, day and weekend tours in the Tumbarumba region. Guests can choose from a range of activities, sights and venues to visit. Pick up from locations within 100km of Tumbarumba available on application. Full details on our Facebook page.

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45 William Street, Tumbarumba NSW 2653

0406 376 605

Truenorth Helicopters specialize​ in Luxury Helicopter Adventures in the Snowy Mountains in NSW as well as other parts of Australia. Imagine exploring the picturesque vineyards and wineries of the high country, or the rolling hills of Tumut and Tumbarumba, home to the Snowy Hydro Scheme. Their commercial division is proud to assist Australian industry - and businesses small and large to achieve their goals through commercial services, which include emergency support, private flights and transfers, aerial videography, mining support, asset patrols, and aerial crane services. The mission at Truenorth is simple: to constantly improve the provision of their services, levels of safety, customer service and efficiency, while operating in a greener more sustainable way, that protects the pristine, largely uninhabited locations they call their places of work. That’s what Truenorth is all about: creating memories from a different perspective.

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377 Wee Jasper Road, Bombowlee NSW 2720

1300 145 407