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The farm supports 150 caper bushes, producing about 40 grams of produce each time they are harvested, which is every five to seven days. The production of capers is very labour intensive, all the buds and berries must be hand-picked because using machinery can damage the plant and significantly decrease production. The production of the caper buds occurs on the extremities of the branches, and the way the caper bush grows, a machine would break the branch and you might not get buds on that bush for a month. The caper buds are cured in Murray salt from Mildura, Victoria, chosen for its mild taste and gentle texture, while the berries are pickled in a white wine and vinegar mixture. Capers are incredibly versatile - they can be chopped, boiled, blended, baked, whatever you want!

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Sawmill Road, Rankins Springs NSW 2669

04 29 661 171

Yandilla Mustard Seed Oil is a family company operating in the countryside around Wallendbeen, specialising in the production of cold pressed mustard seed oil and all things mustard. They are also internationally recognised as the world's first cold-pressed, low erucic acid mustard oil industry. Mustard seed oil has a pleasant nutty flavour and is not hot or 'mustardy'. It is cold pressed from the whole seed, with no heat treatment, and is then filtered through cotton and paper and bottled. Mustard seed oil retains the characteristic colour, aroma and taste of the oil on the parent seed during processing and the hot elements (or the pungent taste) do not enter the oil during pressing. The oil contains no additives or preservatives and has a low saturated fat content. It is also high in both monounsaturated and omega-3 fats.

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Olympic Highway, Wallendbeen NSW 2588

02 6943 2516

Mouats Farm Shop offers you farm fresh produce such as cherries, apples and other fruits in season, plus fresh free range eggs, home made jams and more. Located four kilometres north of Batlow, Mouat's Farm 'Wyola' was originally planted as an orchard in the early 1920s. Apples comprise 90 per cent of their plantings, and there are 1,200 cherry trees, and a small amount of stone fruit and berries. In season produce is available at the farm shop. Current produce and pricing can be found on the website.

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4129 Batlow Road, Batlow NSW 2730

02 6949 1519

Wilgro Orchards is conveniently situated on the main Tumut to Batlow Road just four kilometres north of Batlow. There is a wide range of both new and old varieties of apples that have been tree ripened to taste the way an apple should taste. Cherries are also grown at the orchard and have built a fine reputation for large, sweet, tree ripened fruit. Our roadside stall sells our fruit direct from the orchard to you during the picking season. At Wilgro Orchards the fruit is grown as naturally as possible with very low chemical and fertiliser usage. At times when there is only limited passing trade or the orchard is particularly busy we have to depend on the "honesty system" and the stall is not always manned all day. We can usually have someone in attendance if we are notified in advance.

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4066 Batlow Road, Batlow NSW 2730

0427 491 224

The cool climate of the Snowies produces the most intensely flavoured and high quality blueberries. Visit this family owned farm and buy fresh blueberries - in season between December and March. Otherwise, there are various blueberry products available including sauces, jams, toppings, wine, port, and sparkling wine. All can be purchased at the packing shed.

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Tumbarumba Road, Tumbarumba NSW 2653

0427 760 446