In 1978, Ken Warby set the Outright Unlimited World Water Speed Record on Blowering Dam, just out of Tumut (in the Western foothills of the Snowy Mountains, NSW). Now, Ken’s son David is set to put his own jet boat Spirit2 to the test. Spirit2 is a second generation jet powered hydroplane, designed and built for David’s attempt at challenging the record on Blowering Dam - the same stretch of water. The Warby Motorsport team are back on Blowering Dam on the first two days of December for the next set of speed trials with Spirit2. They managed a run of 218 miles per hour on Fathers Day in September and are looking to step this up after a significant amount of engineering work on the boat has been completed. Come down and hear the wonderful sound of a Rolls Royce Orpheus Jet engine as Dave presses his foot down, on his journey to being the fastest man on water. Please note that there will be no world record attempt this weekend, these are trial runs only.

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The Pines, Blowering Dam, The Pines Access, Blowering NSW 2720