V8 Superboats are the top class of racing in jetsprinting with the boats being unrestricted except for a minimum engine size and controlled methanol fuel. V8 Superboat Engines are unrestricted and vary depending on the design concept behind them. With the key to successful racing being maximum manoeuvrability and speed some believe in the use of heavy-weight big-block engines with capacities up to 676 cubic inches which can produce in excess of 1400 horsepower. The alternative is a new generation of all-alloy lightweight V8 small-block engines with a capacity of 500 cubic inches, weighing only 150 kilograms and producing in excess of 900 horsepower. V8 Superboat engines use methanol fuel and have an incredible fuel-burn rate of 20 litres per average run lasting around 50 seconds. Lake Centenery is a beautiful backdrop - especially to the sound of a V8 engine.

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