A spectacular event! Come and watch seven sculptors of international fame carve, cut and chisel three-tonne blocks of granite into wonderful pieces of public art over 17 days. The sculptures will be shaped to the theme 'The meaning of water and Griffith's cultural diversity.' This is a very exciting time in Griffith, the sculpture symposium is the largest public art project Griffith has ever undertaken and is a credit to the community of Griffith who fully funded the project. The sculptors, from Spain, Italy, New Zealand, The Netherlands, China, Germany and Australia, are the best hard stone sculptors in the world. They will gather in Griffith in the grounds of Pioneer Park Museum and, with grinders and saws, work in full view of the public creating a lasting legacy to Griffith's 100 years. This event is a rare opportunity to watch sculptors at work in Australia. The international flavour of the event captures the many nations that have settled in Griffith and call her home. The sculptures are the flagship event of the Griffith Centenary and will become the centrepiece of a redeveloped park alongside the main canal, the lifeblood of Griffith.

Contact Details

Pioneer Park Museum, Remembrance Drive, Griffith NSW 2680

02 69 628 258