Having recently returned from Nashville, Mr. Alford would like to share the music of the south with you. Providing a complete show experience including a massive diverse set of original country tunes. His songs have been recorded by many acts around the world and in addition he has a long list of performance recording credits, being privileged enough to have played with some of the world’s most talented musicians. Mr. Alford, a country song maker from Melbourne, covers many themes and aspects of country music from traditional to modern bluegrass. Mr. Alford has worked with artists ranging from the Carter family (of June Carter fame) to members of the Malaysian Symphony Orchestra. The latest album “Alford Switch Songs” is a collection of local and international artists singing Mr. Alford’s songs “. He has recorded and performed in the USA, UK, Malaysia and Australia.

Contact Details

Tumut River Brewing Co, 1-5 Capper Street, Tumut NSW 2720

1300 042 337