The Australian Tourism Data Warehouse (ATDW) is the combined effort of all Australian State and Territory Tourism Organisations, as well as Tourism Australia.

It operates to provide industry with a national database of tourism products and destinations so that they can be published, promoted and sold through multiple websites and other digital media.

The ATDW is the only government recognised, nation-wide distribution facility for Australian tourism content. The database has more than 23,000 listings and over 80,000 images that are quality assured with daily updates made by state tourism offices to ensure accuracy and relevance to the consumer who views the information.

As a tourism operator, being on the ATDW is a simple way to maximise your product’s exposure. You only need to submit your product information once as this single entry allows your content to be accessed and published through ATDW distributors including online tourism marketers and other digital publishers that promote tourism products and destinations through their websites.

These include Tourism Australia and your State or Territory Tourism Organisation - Riverina Regional Tourism included.

To learn more about getting your product listed and the benefits of joining the ATDW go to the ATDW website and Tutorial 31: Australian Tourism Data Warehouse in the Tourism e-kit.